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About Us

Necessity and invention have long been close companions.

It takes special engineering minds, however, to pursue the challenges of necessity through to practical and reliable solutions.

Vortex Pipe Systems’ technology developed from the mining industry, moving heavy and abrasive slurries much more efficiently with less wear and energy, so increasing uptime and productivity. With further development of these principles Vortex offers new solutions for other industry needs: storm and floodwater control, reliable irrigation, wastewater and clean water management, also higher efficiency and reliability in dredging, cement pumping, civil engineering and across all sections of the oil industry.

Our Clients know their systems well and our focus is on improving their performance most cost-effectively with customized Vortex products, for de-bottlenecking, upgrades, adding capacity or any combination of these. We form collaborative teams with Clients to most effectively achieve their specific productivity improvement and cost reduction targets.